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Azoos offers that rare breed of internet portal that can truly be referred to as a "find" engine rather than as a mere "search" engine. Add us to your site today!
 Do you run a corporate website or even a small, personal homepage? Add the power of Azoos to YOUR site and visitors will be able to access our search technology without having to find their way here on their own! There are several ways your website can help spread the word about Azoos. In seconds, you can set up a simple "text link" --designed to tell users about Azoos and bring them -- in a single click -- right to our homepage! As an alternative, you can upload one of our 468X60 banners to your website and use it as a more colorful way to link to Azoos. Better still, you can create a "live" interactive HTML search form right on your web page--enabling visitors to enter search terms and get results from Azoos without leaving your site!!! Simply follow the directions below to utilize any or all of these three options!: 

Add Azoos / Text Links - Near the top or bottom of your website's home [and any other] page(s), you can place a 1 or 2 line text link -- telling your visitors about! Click here for the source code needed to add an Azoos text link to your site!

Add Azoos / Banner Ads - For many websites, there's no better way to spruce up a design than with a colorful (and useful) banner link. Azoos offers webmasters several different banners from which to choose. Click here to select a banner!

Add Azoos / Search Form - Adding an Azoos form will enable users to perform searches right from your website. Creating, editing, and implementing such a form is fast, easy, and fun! Add the power of Azoos to your website today! 
Click here to get the HTML code!



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It's one thing to have a great website, it's another thing to actually bring traffic to it. Adding your webpages to high profile internet portals like Azoos provides a unique opportunity to be exposed suddenly to thousands of new potential visitors. For more information on how to add YOUR site to Azoos, simply follow the "add url" link on our menu bar...Be sure to add your website(s) the Azoos database today! 

Advertise W/ Azoos! is committed to offering banner ad opportunities that cater to the individual needs of our sponsors. Our site is designed to maximize banner click through rates and our rates are designed to minimize costs so drastically that hardly any other search engine can compete with our low CPM rates. Click here for info! 

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