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 Let Azoos show you around the 'net! There is no doubt that using the world wide web can save you valuable time and money! In seconds, you can check on weather, stocks, driving directions, and so much more without having to wait for a flickering television screen to produce the information you need! Pull yourself away from the lure of TV "broadcasting" and teach yourself the wonders of Internet "narrowcasting" where you, the user can access whatever news & information YOU want whenever YOU want it! Below are 8 Internet sites that Azoos believes are among the most important for almost any user to know.
NONE of these are paid advertisements. Instead, each site was handpicked by our editors -with the idea that they have broad appeal for almost any anyone  - whether they're an internet novice or WWW expert. 
Be sure to visit and explore each one! Enjoy!!! - Why pick up the telephone and pay for directory assistance when there's so many versions of the same service online? Check out the next time you need a phone number and never talk to an operator again!

Cnn - Getting headlines via your television or even newspaper can be a proverbial "pain." Check out and you can click on only those top news stories YOU want to read about! includes audio and video as well! - Wondering how much your car is worth? The infamous Kelley Blue Book is online! Enter information about the year, make, model, and condition of virtually any popular vehicle and find out how much it's worth!

Mapquest - How many times have you struggled to read directions you wrote on a sheet of paper while driving to a new destination? can crunch virtually any two addresses and produce DETAILED turn by turn driving directions (along with a map!) for you to review and/or print out!

MRQE.Com - Not sure which movie to see in the theater tonight? Considering a DVD rental? The Movie Review Query Engine has dozens of professionally published reviews for each of THOUSANDS of films spanning several decades. Finding reviews is fast and easy!

Travelocity - Wondering what all the "buzz" is about booking airfare online? Use the main screen of Travelocity to find LOW airline rates by entering your departure & arrival cities. Tip from Azoos...To help you find the best rates possible, leave the travelocity home page's "date" range BLANK and only select your desired dates later on in the process...

TvGuide.Com - Tired of looking through newspaper listings? 
Bored waiting for a guide to scroll vertically across your cable television screen? provides listings in a flash!

Weather.Com - The name is easy enough to remember! 
Why sit through an entire television segment just to hear the meteorology report? Go to, enter your zip code, and get instant information pertaining to current conditions, long range forecasts, pollen counts, and so much more!

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Don't Surf, FLY!

Still using your telephone line to dial up a connection to the Internet? If so, then it's definitely time to upgrade! Using such an outdated method to go online is analogous to using a horse & buggy to travel down the highway! In fact, it's even slower! Contact your cable company to find out if cable modem service is available yet in your area. For a few extra dollars per month, you can obtain a connection to the internet that is up to 20 times faster than your current one! This means that most websites will appear almost instantly on your screen and you'll never even have to "log on" or "log off" again! Whenever you open your web browser, you'll be online already! As another alternative, find out if your local telephone company offers DSL service - it functions similarly to cable modem service for the end user and, in some cases, may even be a bit faster!!!

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Teaching yourself to use the Internet on a regular basis for news, driving directions, weather, & so many other things can be one of life's most rewarding experiences. But it all starts with learning to remember web sites like these! Be sure to use your web browser's "favorite places" or "bookmarks" feature to add the most useful sites to your computer's memory! To begin by adding to your computer's bookmarks or favorite place links, click here! From there, begin adding any and all sites you believe are useful to you in everyday life! Get into the habit!!!

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