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While other search engines offer a menu of rules and search options far exceeding the average web user's appetite, Azoos keeps it simple for the end user and leaves all the hard work to himself. To find web pages relevant to your subject matter, just enter a few keywords in the "search for" box above. Remember: Azoos will usually find sites that contain ALL of the words you submit so if you don't find what you're looking for right away, try searching again with as few words as possible. It couldn't possibly be any simpler than that! Enter your query & click the "go!" button!!!

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 The main page of Azoos features a list of targeted categories. But unlike other search engines, the topics listed on our homepage are not merely links to records in the Azoos searchable database. Instead, they serve as independent links that will lead you to specially-reviewed "hot sites" in a number of different categories known to be useful to the typical web user. If you're into reading the news, for example, you'd want to visit our "news" category link to find some of the BEST and MOST USEFUL sites on the web for up-to-date reports on current events. Similarly, if your looking to book a flight or to go on a vacation, check our top site picks in the travel section! The "hot site" categories of offer new internet users an opportunity to learn about the web and to transform it into a genuinely useful part of their everyday lives...

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Need to figure out the price of tea in China? Interested in looking up the latest stocks, news, & weather reports? Even if you just want to explore the Internet at your leisure (casually known as "surfing"), offers a unique search portal capable of helping you get wherever you need to be in cyberspace! Enter a few words... ideas...or concepts into our search box or visit any of the dozens of categories linked to from our home page!
 Other Features does more than just search the Internet! Businesses use Azoos to promote their online products & services to our massive audience of everyday web consumers. Webmasters submit their pages to our database and general fans of the Azoos character shop in our online store. Check out the links below and benefit from all we have to offer!!!

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