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When it comes to searching the 'net, there's no place like home!
Web users who designate Azoos.com as their homepage never have to type in our URL or find us in their bookmarks! Search smarter & save time: Make Azoos your homepage!
id you know that your web browser can be set to automatically display ANY page YOU want whenever you go on-line? Setting your homepage to Azoos.com is fast, easy, and FREE! Best of all, you can change your settings to point to any other website as often as you like!!! Simply choose your preferred web browser from the list below and follow the appropriate instructions to make Azoos your homepage today!!! It's THAT simple!

Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or higher - If your web browser falls into this category, Click Here to make Azoos.com YOUR home page in an instant!!!

Internet Explorer (older) - To set Azoos up as your browser's home page, simply click TOOLS (top of screen) then INTERNET OPTIONS and enter http://www.azoos.com/ in the "address" line.

Netscape - Click EDIT (top of screen) then PREFERENCES. Enter http://www.azoos.com in the home page location field.

Other browsers - Home page settings are generally found under "tools,"edit," "options," or "settings" near the top of the screen.

Set Your Homepage

Searching for information represents the single most common online activity. Whenever users need to find something quickly, they turn to search engines. Virtually any attempt to find a particular website or even to track down an old acquaintance online begins in some way, shape, or form with a search engine. But why spend extra time just searching FOR a place to conduct a search?!? With your homepage set to Azoos, your browser will always launch to a search form so you can input your query right away!!!  

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