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ow many records are there in the Azoos database?

  There are millions of web pages stored in our searchable database - available to users 24 hours a day! As a search engine that emphasizes quality over quantity when it comes to results, we do not engage in the practice of boasting specific numbers for purposes of "keeping score." Suffice it to say that by creating diversified URL lists, pre-screening our web crawls, and inviting user submissions, Azoos is proud to host a database sure to find quality results for virtually any search imaginable... Challenge us!!!

Why are there so few listings in the "category" links
on the Azoos home page? 

  In contrast with other Internet search engines, Azoos does not assign categories to each of the millions of records in our searchable database. After all, who needs a list of 14,341 websites for dog grooming!?!? Wouldn't just a few be sufficient?!? With this realization, our category links present themselves to users as part of a separate service: featuring top picks from our editors mixed together with user-submitted sites. We encourage experienced web users who know precisely what they're seeking to utilize our keyword search feature in order to gain access to the millions of records in our database while new users as well as those who are just casually "surfing" the web are invited to explore the hot sites recommended via the category links on our home page.

What other features does Azoos offer?
 Plenty! Visitors are encouraged to explore the various links located on the menu bars near the top and bottom of each screen at Azoos.Com. Not only do we sell snazzy AzoosWear™ in our merchandise department and important web page submission services at our add url page, we also offer valuable information to new and experienced web users about some of the most important sites online and provide quick-click methods for bookmarking & setting up Azoos as a personal homepage! Not enough? Click here to find out how to add Azoos to your website!

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Results On Target

Virtually anyone who has surfed the web has struggled at some point with frustrating results from Internet search engines. Sometimes, it seems, engines provide either too few results or even too many results! And while no service of this kind can possibly guarantee perfect answers for every query submitted, Azoos has worked hard to build our "find technologies" upon a strong foundation of market research and years of experienced observation. We strive to bring our users only quality results... sites that are right on target!!!
Category v. Search

Several internet directories have been known to provide category searching as an alternative to keyword searching. Such a practice, however, is not the purpose of those subject links found on the home page of Azoos. In contrast with other services, our categories point only to short lists of "hot sites" in each subject area-- web pages that have been reviewed by our human editors and/or submitted by our clientele. We encourage use of our keyword search feature for specific queries and use of our category lists for general knowledge...

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