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hy should I use Azoos and not some other 
search engine in its place? has been designed primarily as a find engine. Other portals on the Internet claim to have indexed as many as "several billion" web pages but their users never seem to require even a minute fraction of that number! Think about it: How often have you searched for a simple topic online only to be greeted by thousands of results... while that one result you truly needed was hiding somewhere in the background like a distant needle in some huge cyber hay stack? Azoos works hard to bring that needle right to your screen: front and center-- near the beginning of your search results. Our database has been intentionally  limited to "only" a few million records-- zooming in on the most relevant sites spanning an unimaginably large body of topics selected by human researchers. Maintaining a belief in the quality and NOT in the quantity of search results provided, Azoos goes one step beyond other search engines by teaching our visitors "smart" searching techniques  designed to help them learn to use the Internet better....and with greater speed...

Does Azoos use results from other databases on the 'net?
 Never! Other search engines offer "meta" results--meaning that all they do is visit one or more existing databases and compile their output collectively. In stark contrast, Azoos offers web users results from its own unique database compiled by in-house human resources and our own search technologies. When you search Azoos you are searching only Azoos. Even if there's some other search engine you like to use on occasion, we still recommend entering your query at for a second opinion, for a different result, and for another valuable perspective. You never know when one database might fail to have what you're seeking and another database will have it all... 

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Experience Azoos

In the early and mid 1990s, using internet search engines was actually far less confusing than it is today. A few key sites each offered their own unique web searches with their own unique databases and users could rely on each one's findings to be distinct. Today, however, any five engines are likely to share results, to exchange information, and even to offer "meta" searches of the same underlying databases. breaks this trend and offers users a unique search experience--with a database designed by our own technicians and a stealth pile of sites crawled by our own screening technologies.
Second Opinions

As incredible as Azoos is, we'd be the first to admit that internet users should never rely on only one search engine. Every site you search is bound to give at least a few different results and when you can't find any information on a particularly difficult topic, it's best to survey at least a few databases. Whether you make your first choice or that much needed second opinion, be sure that every important Internet search you conduct involves us in some way!

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