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eady to bookmark Azoos?

Link doesn't work? Click "favorites" (top of screen) and then "add to favorites" to store in your web browser's bookmarks! Still don't see what to do? Consult the "help" manual (also near the top of your screen) or any documentation that came with your web browser...

Unfamiliar with the concept of bookmarking? 
 It's simple! One of the most useful features offered by web browsers today is the ability to keep a record of your favorite and/or your most commonly-visited sites. You can actually tell your web browser which sites you'd like to store in its "favorite places" folder(s) just by clicking the appropriate button near the top of your screen. To access your bookmarks once they've been stored, click that same "favorites" link and choose the site you wish to visit from the drop-down list! It's really that simple! Thanks to the concept of bookmarking, web users never have to type in the addresses of those sites they frequently visit!

Ready to bookmark Azoos?

Never Get Lost!

With stored in your web browser's bookmarks or "favorite places," you'll never even have to key in our URL/address again! It's EASY to set your browser such that Azoos is never more than a click away! Store in your bookmarks today!!!

Honey, I'm "Home!"

Bookmarking Azoos is just one way to ensure that you remember how to find your way back here but setting Azoos to become your web browser's home page is the OPTIMUM way to make sure that Azoos will be there to guide you through the web every time you log on!!!...Click here!!!

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