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Internet Searching Has Never Looked This Good...
Tired of bland search engines coughing up useless results? Azoos.Com takes a fresh look at the web zooming in on only the most relevant sites! 
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search engines and more about internet search enginesAzoos.Com has OPTIMIZED its 
web page submission service!!!

 Every webmaster knows that having their site indexed by as many Internet search engines possible represents an essential element of their online success. But most engines require site owners to wait weeks...or even months before a team of "editors" can even decide whether or not their URL will be accepted at all. Several internet "directories" even have the audacity to charge hundreds of dollars for website submission "reviews" while simultaneously reserving the "right" to decline sites without any recourse! In contrast, Azoos.Com exists to serve the needs of both end users AND webmasters! Thanks to proprietary technology, we're proud to offer 24 hour inclusion of all sites properly submitted to the Azoos database including indexing, link crawling..and GUARANTEED acceptance or your money back!!! Submit your company's website TODAY and start receiving traffic referrals from Azoos.Com as soon as TOMORROW! Click here to add your site!

AzoosWear™ is now available on-line!
 Users of Azoos.Com have sent in soooooo many requests for clothing & paraphernalia featuring their favorite little blue & white search character, that we've built an on-line store dedicated to products that display our celebrity mascot! Whether you're looking for an adorable Azoos t-shirt for yourself or a simple Azoos coffee mug to use as a quick gift for someone else, our new merchandise department has everything you'll need to be completely Azoosified!!! Worldwide shipping is available...all major credit cards are accepted...& order processing is available 24 hours a day right from your desktop! Click here to check it out!!!

1 Million New Sites!

Azoos has been set free to run wild on the web once again -- zooming in on more than one 1 million quality sites! Any search engine can claim "billions" of pages in their database but only Azoos takes the time to pre-screen its own crawl route using technologies aimed at producing the greatest diversity of records possible. Every time Azoos adds another million or more pages, it's only after visiting a far greater number...and narrowing down its own findings !!
Improved Results!

Azoos has grown even smarter! Our development team has spent an enormous amount of time researching user queries and developing technologies capable of producing on screen results in an incredibly relevant order! Other search engines may leave their users looking for needles in hay stacks but Azoos.Com puts answers to your questions in plain view!

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