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ow can I find information on ________?

To search through millions of internet pages for information on your topic, just enter one or more keywords in the "search for" box above! Seconds later, Azoos will display a list of websites narrowed down to include only those containing ALL of the words in your query! Remember: This means that if you enter "apples and oranges and pears and grapes," a website that does contain the words "apples AND oranges and pears" but that does NOT contain the word "grapes" would NOT be included in the results we provide. is so particular about providing exact results to our users that we will only list sites containing ALL of the words entered in a particular query. Therefore, if you find yourself searching earnestly but receiving too few results, simply eliminate one or more of your search terms and try again. Use the "search results by word" feature near the top of our results screen to figure out which words in your query are producing the fewest results and consider
targeting those words for removal in your next search!

How can I add my website(s) to the Azoos database?
 Just click the "add url" link found at the top or bottom of any page at! Unlike other search engines who charge an arm and a leg for slow inclusion and even possible site rejection, Azoos GUARANTEES placement in our system within 24 hours-- Our superior submission service even allows YOU to write YOUR OWN site description! Adding your URL is fast, easy, and only $firstURL/yr Additional URLs are discounted to $secondURL and categorical placement is included at no additional charge! Be sure to add your site today!!!

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Search Intelligently

Receiving lots of search results with very few of them on-target? Try adding words to your search query to narrow down the results you receive! If, for example, you want to find websites pertaining to the extinction of dinosaurs and the theory of evolution, a search for only the terms "dinosaur" and "extinction" might be too broad. To ensure that Azoos finds only a list of websites containing ALL four terms, include them all in your search query! Not enough results? Try it the other way: delete word(s) from your query instead!
Get Your Site Listed is the internet's ONLY major search engine guaranteeing 24 hour site listings! Add your site to Azoos today and you'll even get to write your own site description draft! We'll visit your URL, spider it, and make it searchable within just a few hours! The net's coolest search engine just got even cooler!

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